hoe hoe hoe


Who knows

Let me see red you lily livered lot lemme see the blood even if just a spot… never was a man standing on his feet that never saw a bit of blood bleed… a wanderin drop of simple birth a drop of blood no mindin to its worth a simple spit a spit of sacred gold a drop of blood in every one a tale is told… coursin t’rough the vein so for granted taken so assumedly plain, forget the knocker forget the door forget that the open vein do pour, a simple thing in right a patch o’ blood a frightenin sight… let the strings cry a bloody hymn to da sky… never lt them take yer bleedin fer weak, let the sacred red flow instead speak. A tombstone yer mark, let none take yer mark, a sacred gift to a bod’ stand the muddy ground and tha’ terse nod… forget me not this spot a battle worn a bloody oath torn, the battle waged. The shamrock cage, a blade of grass sealed inside a brave lass that bled for her country instead a flag painted over that dead. A sweet little girl that in the world never unfurled a color before she and her brother lie dead… king declared behead… a somber death on innocent land.. A martyr did leave a brand… a solemn way to say for this and e’ry day… stay true to yourn and kin… this bloody flight and fight doth only begin…. Freedom.

To be Vulnerable

It is safe to be alone. There is no risk in isolation from others. It is when we open ourselves up that we can be hurt. The most painful wounds are inflicted by those closest to us. Yet knowing this, to remove yourself is to die. Connection is what makes us human. Risking the pain of rejection, of tragedy, of loss, even these are made worthwhile when we find another like us. One who reaches out with trepidation and a hope of acceptance that suppresses the fears that would keep you separate. To be vulnerable is to trust, is to love, and that is a journey we all must make, lest we never traverse the gap between possibility and happiness.

A little tune was running through my brain… these are words I made up to accompany

I’ve got to go now, say good bye

Don’t please follow me, don’t ask why

The ghosts of yesterday are calling

And I just cant keep stalling

I’ve been running, running for years

Ive been running from my fears

The darkness rises to meet me

The look in your eye defeats me

I’ve got to go now, said goodbye

I’ve got to go before you cry

All our yesterdays are spent

Today’s how I repent

Washing clean the bloodstained slate

Walking away from all the hate

Hurting you was never my intention

The devils invention causing this contention

Now you’ve said sorry, that’s no lie

It’s too late, my only reply

I’ve got to go now, say good bye

I lay our love down to die

I cant remember how these things go

It feels I really ought to know 

But I’ve got to go now, God knows why

Doesn’t matter what I try

Got to go now

Got to go